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An intersection in Downtown Huntington Beach, California
You don't have to be a surfing enthusiast to enjoy a trip to Surf City, California. Welcome to the City of Huntington Beach, population 198,025, and host to over 16 million beach visitors each year. Due to the city's warm Mediterranean climate, abundance of beaches, and many available opportunities for recreation and entertainment, Huntington Beach has the perfect vacation experience for any age group. Besides the pristine beaches, Huntington Beach has a thriving downtown, filled with top-class restaurants, shopping, hotels and more, while its location puts you right in the middle of all of Orange County's best entertainment. Whether you're looking to visit the Disney Resorts in Anaheim or Seaworld in San Diego, it's less two hours away from any Huntington Beach zip code. With so much to offer, we've developed this site to help you decide just where to start your Huntington Beach experience, and to give you some tips on how to make the most of your stay here.

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Huntington Beach Zip Codes
92605 92615 92646 92647
92648 92649

A surfer catching the waves in Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City.

As its nickname implies, Huntington Beach is a major destination for surfers, with some of the best and most consistent surfing conditions on the west coast. Eight miles of scenic and accessible beachfront await you here, consisting of four consecutive beaches which are simply ideal for surfing, sailing, swimming and beach volleyball. Your furry friends can get in on the fun at Dog Beach, where dogs are allowed to run free of a leash and are commonly seen surfing tandem with their owners. If you aren't a son of the surf or a board babe, there's plenty to do on dry land as well, including tennis, golf, biking, inline skating, jogging, and a wide selection of city-run recreational programs available for all ages.

Huntington Beach locals perusing some of the wares displayed during Surf City Nights

If that sounds too active for you, try taking a walk down the Pier to watch the beautiful sunsets and grab a snack at Ruby's, or wander through Central Park and visit the Huntington Beach Central Library and Cultural Center. Other features of Central Park include the Adventure Playground, the Huntington Beach Playhouse, the Donald D. Shipley Nature Center, and the Sports Complex. Main Street offers some fabulous shopping and dining opportunities, and the entertainment gets ten times as hot on Tuesdays, when "Surf City Nights" causes the street to be closed off to traffic and filled in with street performers, sidewalk sales from local retailers, and all sorts of entertainment for the whole family. With so much to do in so many zip codes, why not come to Huntington Beach for your next vacation? You'll love this city!

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